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We are a dynamic, passionate, and experienced group of aviation professionals.

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We're passionate about flying.  

Every person on our sales and marketing team is a pilot.

And with over 20,000+ flight hours of experience between us, we know a thing or two about airplanes. 

John Armstrong, Founder and CEO

John’s adventures in aviation began as a teenager flying his Dad’s J-3 Cub off a grass strip. He has enjoyed a career of enjoying and sharing modern aviation. His passion for flying today is stronger than ever.  As founder and CEO John leads the company's strategic development and growth. 

Sam Linton, Sales Director

Sam is an accomplished single, multi-engine and rotary pilot that grew up in Alaska flying in family bush planes. Later their family moved to the mountains of North Carolina and he attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC where he studied business and finance.  Sam leads the LifeStyle team of Aircraft Counselors.

Sharon Raub, Marketing Director

Sharon is a commercial multi-engine pilot and business strategist who grew up around airshows and the aviation industry. When she's not flying, you'll probably find her hiking or hitting the road as an award-winning travel photographer. 

Alissa Cates, Office Manager

With Alissa's extensive background as an aviation operations manager in both the armed forces and corporate aviation, she is an incredible asset to the team. She manages our RDU office and may be the first person you meet when you contact our company.

Andres Santamaria, CFII, MEI  |  Flight Operations Manager

Andres Santamaria is a single and multi-engine flight instructor with a background in sales and emergency services. Andres has always had a passion for helping people, and he’s transitioned that passion to helping others accomplish their goals in aviation.

Jon Gutekunst, CFII, MEI  |  Aircraft Counselor

Jon Gutekunst is an accomplished aviator and aviation counselor with 20 years of flying experience. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Jon spent years as a Naval Aviator instructor pilot and Mission Commander in the P3 Orion. 

Steve Pope, Aircraft Counselor

Steve Pope joined LifeStyle Aviation after a 25-year career as an award-winning aviation journalist, including spending nearly a decade on the editorial staff at Flying Magazine. He is also a commercial multi-engine rated pilot. 

Dave Passmore, CFII, MEI | Aircraft Counselor

Dave is a Diamond Specialist offering a highly experienced professional consultative approach based on years of aircraft ownership and experience.  He and his pilot wife now enjoy flying their DA62. He resides in the DC area and is based at the Leesburg VA airport.

Evert van der Lee, Aircraft Counselor

Evert’s passion for flying began at a young age growing up in beautiful New Zealand. He trained as a Commercial pilot and started his own charter business called the “Flying Dutchman”, providing locals and tourists an opportunity to explore Aotearoa "The Land of the Long White Cloud" from a different altitude. Evert brings his Kiwi “can do” attitude and ingenuity to his role and helps his clients realize their dreams. This Kiwi can fly!

Patrick Meehan, Digital Marketing Specialist

Patrick is a digital marketing professional and instrument-rated pilot who combines his two passions at LifeStyle Aviation. He drives our Youtube channel and our advanced digital marketing automation system know as AvWare. Through AvWare's implementation Patrick is changing the way airplanes are listed, marketed and transacted in a way that will have a profound impact on the General Aviation market. 

Parker Shelton, Sales Intern

Parker is currently a senior at NC State University studying business and finance. He grew up in a family of pilots and developed his passion for aviation flying in an old Cessna 182. Now Parker wants to help others realize their own dreams in modern aviation. 

Declan Clarke, Sales & Marketing Intern

Declan is a senior in the Academy of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing. He grew up discovering a passion for technology and aviation alongside a thriving ambition to become an Aerospace Engineer. When he's not studying, he assists our sales & marketing team at our RDU office.

Lori Glasser, Accounting Manager

Lori keeps the financial operations at LifeStyle and its affiliated companies running smoothly. Lori has spent here entire career in corporate financial management, accounting and bookkeeping. 

Laura Cardinuto, HR & Payroll

Laura was one of the first employees of the company and today keeps HR and Payroll humming along. 


The Story of LifeStyle Aviation

Watch our short documentary about our origin and core values.

Our Vision

We see a future where lives are transformed and enriched through modern aviation – where people create lifestyles of freedom, productivity and possibilities. By empowering individuals and our training partners to use the full potential of modern flight, so they are able to contribute to the world in new and meaningful ways.

Our Purpose

We are in the business of helping people discover, select and use modern aviation and its technology to create effortless, effective personal mobility which empowers them to achieve life goals and transforms how they live, work, play and contribute to the world.

Our Process

We don’t “sell”… we help our clients “Buy”. We help clients achieve their life and LifeStyle Goals using a unique counselor  approach to support our customers through the buying process. We operate with respect and integrity with all customers, employees, contractors, partners, suppliers and competitors.