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Is Flying Harder than Driving? 

You might be surprised...

Consider this comparison… When we drive our cars, we do so on freeways packed in with hundreds of others
all distracted by their cell phones and radios, traveling mere inches apart… and we act as if this is “easy” and “safe”.
We travel two lane roads at night in the rain with other vehicles coming towards us at a closing speed of over 120MPH and think little of it. 

The truth is, driving today isn't "easy." It requires incredible concentration and physical acuity and is filled with significant hazards.
It requires constant attention and vigilance even when “cruising” on the “freeway”. 


Interested in the intricacies of Aviation?

You've probably experienced the busyness of an airport terminal, but did you know there is a private aviation side to most commercial airports?

Watch John share his knowledge and experience in a world of aviation that is misunderstood. Got questions? Leave a comment! 

Flying is Easier Than You Think

In contrast, flying is completely different. Our wonderful FAA controllers make sure traffic is separated and sequenced. We are seldom closer than several miles to the nearest aircraft. Learn to Fly with our modern planes with their GPS Digital Autopilots virtually “fly themselves” to our destination and we can enjoy the relaxing view while monitoring the systems which provide us a birds eye view of other traffic, routes and airspace.

We assert this: anyone who can navigate a Walmart parking lot safely on a Saturday has more than enough “talent” and coordination to learn to fly an aircraft. Yes, there is also much to learn, but in life learning is what provides us meaning, enjoyment and reward. Many pilots will tell you that learning to fly was one of the highlights of their lives and one they will always cherish.

So whether you want to be involved in learning to fly to check off an item on your lifelong dream list or whether you are pursuing the practical mobility and freedom it offers, you’ll be in for a rewarding experience that will not only change your lifestyle but will truly enrich your life.

Flying has 100% changed my life. Before I discovered flying, I really felt like I had no direction in life. Didn't really know who I was or what I wanted. Once I tasted flight, I was forever obsessed and changed.  I've caught "the bug". The people I meet along the way are also a huge part.

 AJ • Private Pilot

Learning to Fly the Modern Way

Learning to Fly in our modern age can be pursued the “traditional way” or the “modern way”. There is the “traditional path” that uses aircraft designed in the 1950’s and focuses on learning the way it has been done for over 50 years. We are not here to tell you there is anything “wrong” with this approach. It does seem odd to us though, that when a person rolls up to a flight school in their modern GPS based hybrid car toting the latest smartphone providing them instant access to everything the world has to offer, that they would be interested in flying anything built in the 1900’s or using its outdated technology. It just seems odd.

It seems even more odd when “old timers” try to assert that the “new fangled plastic airplanes” are to be avoided. It would be like a guy standing at the car lot trying to convince you to not get one of those “new fangled” anti-lock brakes and airbags cause they are “high tech”.

We assert however that there is different way that focuses on leveraging all available modern technologies for the most productive and advance outcomes in terms of practical use.

Our company promotes and provides for consumers and flight schools, the economic programs and current approaches that help address the single cry regarding modern flight that it is “more expensive”. It is more expensive because its worth it!

That’s easy to see when one experiences it, but being worth it does not always make it affordable so that’s where our innovative programs address the opportunity from numerous angles to create solutions that fit many goals and budgets.

Our mission is to provide everyone economical access to the potential of the modern approach has to offer practical safe enjoyment to create a new lifestyle of personal mobility.

Training for the Future

Our network of modern flight training centers offers access to the world’s safest aircraft. They have achieved that recognition through the thoughtful application of “designed in safety” methods which use super strong, modern materials, unique modern safety features and the most advanced avionics the world has ever seen.

Our organization works closely with our flight center partners to evolve their proven abilities to use the full breadth of digital modern aircraft technology, simulation, online tools and 21st century methods to help provide the most satisfying and productive experience for our clients.

  • Our flight centers offer modern aircraft for training, rental and share access
  • Our flight centers provide advanced simulation and many cases with full motion realism
  • Our flight centers offer online, advance learning management systems (see the video here)
  • Our flight centers offer customized training programs and executive services to make owning an aircraft an immediate advantage long before one is qualified to fly it solo. Many clients purchase their first aircraft to learn in. Learn To Fly Now.

Take Off and Begin Your New LifeStyle! 

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