Discover the Aviation LifeStyle.

Modern technology makes private aircraft safe, convenient, and easy to justify.

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Let's face it, Airline travel is no fun!

Years ago airline travel was a service filled pleasant experience. Now it's just a painful slog of demeaning security procedures, endless hours wasted waiting, uncomfortable cramped seats on overbooked flights, all leading to more waits and delays at hub airports. Sadly, there is no improvement in sight. 

COVID-19 caused us all to reconsider the inherent risks of public transportation. Private aircraft are safe, secure, convenient and easy to justify.

Leave It Behind

Imagine NO MORE security lines, invasive TSA pat downs, X-Ray Scanners, taking your shoes, belts and jackets off, confiscation of your pocket knives, fingernail clippers, water bottles and shampoo. 

No more sitting in cramped middle seats, worrying about potential viruses, riding in re-circulated air. Avoid fear of terrorist threats, racing to meet flight schedules only to wait hours at the gate.  

No more running between gates to make tight connections, shuttling between terminals and driving hours once you land to reach your destination.  

Rise Above It All

The number of vehicles on the roads has continued to grow and congestion and delays make cars less safe and less convenient. Did you know that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among healthy U.S. citizens?

Whereas cars are inches apart aircraft enjoy miles of separation and can fly directly and efficiently to their destinations without stopping for traffic. 

The LifeStyle Difference.

LifeStyle Aviation is unique. We are an entire team of like-minded professionals and partners that have the passion of helping you achieve your aviation dreams. Whether it's learning to fly, gaining access to one of our innovative ownership options, or acquiring your own aircraft, we have the ability to create the path to success and the ideal experience.


Learn the Secrets of Aviation.

Modern private aviation is not like flying in the past. Did you know there was a private aviation sector to most commercial airports? Listen to John share his knowledge and experience in a world of aviation that is misunderstood.

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Enjoy The Freedom & LifeStyle You Deserve

The motivation for some is the pure joy of flying and for others, it is the potential for effortless, effective mobility.  The ease of use and efficiency and effectiveness of modern aircraft is real and anyone with a travel need or aspirational desire should investigate the potential. 

We are here to help our clients achieve their dreams and goals with a unique approach that helps our clients achieve the Aviation LifeStyle in the most intelligent and economical way.

Life is short.

Enjoy being in control of going when you want and where you want without the TSA security lines. Experience the beauty of our world from a new, flexible vantage point, flying direct to your destinations and landing at the closest airport. Turn long drives into pleasant hops and turn inefficient airline “layovers” into multi-stop productivity packed business results or family memories. All of this is completely available to you.

There is a way to live that is abundantly more satisfying, enjoying the wonder of flight and the freedom of modern aircraft mobility. 
Come discover LifeStyle Aviation and we will will help you turn dreams into reality.

Learn to Fly

Learn to fly or leverage professional pilots to achieve your goals.

Ownership Structure

Properly structured aircraft offer impressive tax advantages.

Never Go Back

Once you experience the freedom you'll never go back.

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LifeStyle Aviation provides a turn-key counselor approach.