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Our extensive sales network and inventory makes things possible that are not possible with other brokers.
All these factors lead our clients to tell us that they enjoy having us as their “partner in the business” to
recommend and manage the transitions of buying, selling, delivering and aiding with every transition. 

The Experience

The process of acquiring one’s first aircraft is always a big step. The process of moving to a next-step aircraft is in one regard easier and in another more difficult.

Though there are not the same unknowns as with the first purchase, there are many other significant considerations and details. We help our customers determine their best choices and to properly consider how to manage the sale and purchase smoothly, maintain access to an aircraft, manage possible tax opportunities and ensure the values for incoming and outgoing aircraft. Our specialty is helping our client to determine the best timing of selling and ensure the process of acquisition and disposition runs smoothly.

Clients typically know they are ready to move to another aircraft, but rarely do they have experience with the aircraft they desire. We help them in the exploration process to make sure, as we did with the first purchase, that all options are considered and the ideal next aircraft is selected.

Why Broker with the LifeStyle Aviation Network?

The following bullet points attempt to summarize all the advantages involved in working with your LifeStyle aircraft counselor, the LifeStyle Team and the full power of our networked multi-company team called the LifeStyle Aircraft Network.

Low Cost Leverage

There is a reason people use Real Estate makes sense and is easy to justify. Just like selling homes has gotten more complicated so have aircraft transactions. Pricing strategies require intimate knowledge of the current markets. Wise sellers realize they can leverage the knowledge and reach of their broker to gain the best outcome and avoid the significant time investment and risk associated with a for sale by owner approach.  

Professional Brokers

We’re many professional brokers in one. When you sign a brokerage agreement with a representative from our group, you are getting the power of more than a dozen on-staff brokers, working their individual networks, to actively market your aircraft. The goal is always to create the most demand possible for your plane. Our representatives work in concert together in our “network model” similar to the way real estate brokers do which creates more opportunity and potential for you.

Leader in Aircraft Sales

We are a leader in aircraft sales. Our group is the largest selling distributor of Diamond Aircraft in the world and one of the largest dealers of late model used piston aircraft in the US. Our LifeStyle Aviation Network combines the resources of multiple entities and marketing brands.

Known Worldwide

We’re known worldwide. Our group of companies, labels and online sites through and are a multi-faceted go-to source in the US for foreign buyers searching for pre-owned piston aircraft. The world market for aircraft is expanding and including world-wide marketing of your plane can significantly enhance your potential outcome. We offer turn-key export and delivery of aircraft from North America world-wide disassembly containerization, shipping, insurance, ferry delivery and more are all offered standard for every client’s listing. Our connections with our network of international partners and brokers developed over years makes this a tremendous asset to our sellers. For maximum exposure think Global!

We Know Your Brand

We know your brand. We are factory new distributors and our group has on-staff experts with experience selling a very wide range of modern piston, turbo-prop and jet aircraft including Cirrus, Piper, Cessna, Mooney, Embraer, Icon, Beechcraft, Pilatus, and more. We subscribe to multiple industry valuation book systems so we can justify the values we seek for your aircraft. 

Side-step the Hassles

We handle the hassles. Buyers want to talk about or see the plane on their schedule – which often means nights, weekends, even holidays. We’re available when they are. And aircraft need careful attention when they are on the market. We make sure the plane is presented in its best and most favorable light.

We're Accountable

We’re accountable. Your broker representative is personally involved in all aspects of your brokerage transaction from advising you on pricing and market conditions to marketing the aircraft, qualifying prospects, demonstrating your aircraft, negotiating your best deal, coordinating pre-buy inspections, resolving problems, and overseeing the closing and delivery processes. Our staff works as a team to coordinate all aspects of the sale and delivery. We have CFI’s on staff plus an entire network of trusted resources to aid in logistics, inspections, delivery and training.

We Trade

We take trades. Sometimes selling your airplane means disposing of the buyer’s. Unlike independent brokers and small dealers, we have the financial strength to take marketable aircraft in on trade if necessary to close a deal.

We handle finance and insurance. We have long working relationships with all of the leading sources for aircraft financing and insurance. We also work with sources that can often handle the deals that can’t get done anywhere else. Eliminating obstacles and helping the buyer buy is what its all about!

Highly Visible

We’re highly visible in the field. Our group regularly shows aircraft, hosts open houses and attends aviation events in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and beyond. Our on the ground field network is augmented by our dozens of Flight Center partnerships that include the presentation of our aircraft and the generation of leads.

We’re highly visible online. We developed a unique approach to online marketing with our LifeStyle Network sales approach. The site is featured and linked to from our flight center partners and international partners. This gets us directly to market opportunities we would not have otherwise. We of course also advertise your plane on the top paid sites in the industry.

Large Database

We have a huge database of prospects. Our sophisticated customer relationship management program allows us to identify and target prospects for your plane in our large data base.

We cooperate with other dealers. Our friendly relationships with other dealers and maintenance facilities means one more source of identifying prospects for your plane and facilitating inspection and delivery.

We are a Network

We are a network not a single point. Our extensive team has “on the ground” pros in many geographical locations and our dozens of flight school affiliates keep us tied into the front lines of people looking to acquire aircraft. Our flight center partners, affiliate companies and independent network representatives are PAID by us to help locate buyers for you. This results in a very powerful team working for you.

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