Meet James Stanton, Aircraft Counselor

James has been working in Aircraft Sales at LifeStyle Aviation since the summer of 2023. After moving to Raleigh from Brazil, he decided to pursue a career in aviation, a passion he has had for most of his life. Inspired by his grandparents' early adventures in the skies, James began flying at the age of 18, starting with a Cessna 152 in Upstate New York and later advancing to a Piper Warrior to navigate the complex airspace of South Florida.

Alongside aviation, James pursued several degrees, including a B.A. in economics, a JD in business law, and an LL.M in comparative law. Although he has not practiced law for some time, the analytical skills he gained from that profession have been invaluable in both his professional and aviation pursuits. James is here to share his expertise and passion for aviation with you, helping make your aviation experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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