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LifeStyle Aircraft

Discover the potential of modern aviation technology and how it will impact your life and lifestyle. Our modern aircraft are more like “magic carpets” than airplanes. We call these transformational vehicles “LifeStyle Aircraft”. We invite you to explore the machines, the training and the support that can take you to a “new plane”.

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Flight School Network

Our LifeStyle Aircraft Flight Training Center Network are forward looking flight centers dedicated to providing an exceptional modern flight training experience. They offer digital modern aircraft, motion simulation, online training and personalized executive services to provide . Learn more and find a center near you.

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DiamondShare Program

The DiamondShare Program provides aircraft buyers with an entirely new set of economics. Combining personal ownership with quality modern aircraft and with unbeatable economic and tax advantages, DiamondShare makes justifying your dream plane very easy. Explore and see if ownership or membership is best for you.

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Diamond Distributor

LifeStyle Aviation is a Diamond Aircraft Regional Distribution Center. We offer the full line of New and used Diamond Aircraft along with Flight Center Development support programs and Parts Distribution. Explore the potential of Diamond today for your flight center business or as your personal or business aircraft.

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