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John Armstrong

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LifeStyle Aviation

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We don't sell aircraft. We help people buy. Our process is aimed to help clients achieve the aviation lifestyle of their dreams. It's personally very rewarding to help people in this way. 

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The following is intended to answer questions about me and the company, LifeStyle Aviation.
I will gladly elaborate or provide additional information as you may desire.

Here are 10 questions about me and my company you’ll likely want the answers to:

  • What is your background?
  • How long have you been a pilot?
  • What type of flying have you done?
  • Who is LifeStyle Aviation?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What airplanes to you sell?
  • Why should I consider working with you?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What do you expect from me?
  • How do I get started?


  • What is your background?
    I grew up Anderson South Carolina and graduated from Wake Forest University in 1985 with a concentration in Economics and computer science. My goal was to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit to start and build a business. One year out of college I started a technology company with a partner and we pursued a niche market in the rapidly evolving computer industry. I found myself as a skinny 26 year old running around the world setting up distribution in far flung locales such as South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Malaysia and beyond. It was a great ride but did not leave me much time for flying (I’ve been a pilot since 1982… but I’ll get that below). It went well enough that in 1994 we acquired a software company and I spent the next 7 years developing that company into a leader in its niche of dealership systems for RV and Marine dealerships.All the while my desire was to sell the companies and move into aviation. In 2002 I was able to do exactly that. I sold the company and moved directly into the most exciting aviation opportunity I could ever imagine. I was recruited to manage fund raising and promotions for the Centennial of Flight Celebrations for the NCDOT, North Carolina Division of Aviation.  I was thrust into the board rooms of most of the major general aviation companies and best of all we were flying singles and twins just about every day in support of this mission. As part of this fund raising, we secured the donation of a Cirrus SR22 Centennial edition aircraft for us to fly for promotion and donation to the Wright Brothers National Park. It was truly one of the best years of my life.Through that experience, I was introduced to Earle Boyter, a partner at Premier Aircraft, an up and coming aircraft sales organization that was distributing Diamond and Mooney Aircraft. I shared with him my passion for aviation. Earle is an amazing guy. He has been VP of Sales and Marketing for Mooney, Diamond, Piper, and others. He sized me up and decided he thought I could sell aircraft but he said they did not have any openings at that time. I said that was ok that I was the type of guy that not very “employable” and was looking for a business opportunity. He invited me to come to one of their shows and help out. I gladly agreed and went a few weeks later. The first day “helping out” I helped a fellow to purchase a Mooney and trade in his Baron and put a deposit on a jet. Earle was impressed. I asked him if we could pursue getting more of the Diamond Distribution business in partnership. He said it was highly unlikely that Diamond would go for that but he was happy for me to try. Try I did. I prepared a comprehensive business plan and after months of trying was ultimately successful at getting an agreement with Diamond for us to form our company and initiate a new Diamond Aircraft Distribution operation… more on that below.


  • How long have you been a pilot?
    When I was a kid, my Dad had to keep three kids quiet by himself in church because my mom sang in the choir. He drew me pictures of airplanes and that kept me mesmerized. He drew B-17’s, P-51’s, J-3 Cubs and many others. When I was in college my Dad called and said, “Do you remember that barn out by the lake with a J-3 Cub in it? Well, I stopped there today and bought it!” I said immediately, “I’ll be home for summer school!”  I earned my wings barefooted in the summer of 1982 in 90 days. It was the greatest thing I’d ever done and I knew aviation would always be a part of my life.


  • What type of flying have you done?
    Starting in the J-3 Cub on a grass strip was truly a joy. That type of flying will always have a special place in my heart and explains why I was happy to lead the charge when he began marketing the Husky line. I went on from the grass roots flying in the Cub to other aircraft. The one thing I will always appreciate is how to fly with my feet! I have hundreds of hours in taildragger aircraft at this point. Over the years I’ve flown Cessna 152’s 172’s 182’s, a Piper Aztec, Archer, Cherokee, Saratoga, a Searey amphibian, Cirrus, Columbia, Mooney, Beechcraft A36, Baron and  all the Diamond Aircraft and 10 minutes of fame in a DC3. So as you can see I’m not an airline captain or jet pilot. I think I can relate well to lots of my clients because I am a business man that has a love for flying. It seems to me that many of the people that acquire their own aircraft have similar backgrounds and I really enjoy the people I get to meet and get to know.



  • Who is LifeStyle Aviation and what’s your history?
    After selling a high tech business in the early 2000’s, John created the opportunity to partner with Diamond in the creation of a new Diamond Distribution company in 2007 to be called Dominion Aircraft Sales and to expand the Diamond Aircraft franchise into the states of DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, and KY. John was the founder and managing director of that operation since the beginning and today as the President and Principal as a wholly owned operation. In 2012 Dominion expanded to include 9 states covering most of the east coast.  In late 2014 the Dominion name was changed to LifeStyle Aviation simply to better describe what is offered to clients…access to the modern aviation lifestyle. The company continued to expand the sale of used and new modern planes. In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 LifeStyle Aviation led the way as the largest seller of Diamonds in North America. In late 2020 it was formalized for LifeStyle to be the largest exclusive dealer for 25 states in the US. Part of the success formula for LifeStyle has been the creation of the DiamondShare program as well as the development of a team of modern-minded flight center partners referred to as: LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners.  You can visit our LifeStyle Aviation site at: and the aircraft listings at


  • How long have you been in business?
    LifeStyle Aviation is a wholly owned DBA operation of Five Star Marketing Inc. which has been in business since 2002. Dominion Aircraft Sales was formed in 2007.  Due to sales success, Dominion went on to be appointed by Diamond to 9 states covering the bulk of the mid-Atlantic and north east region on the east coast. Dominion was renamed as LifeStyle Aviation in 2014 and LifeStyle went on to expand with more reps and flight centers around the country and now enjoys substantial coverage in the US and also does significant export business worldwide.


  • What airplanes do you sell?
    Our Network sells new and used aircraft. We have been consistently recognized by Diamond as their top national distributor. Our used inventory presented on is typically made up of great condition later model piston singles and twins from Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Diamond, Cirrus, and others. You will find one of the best selections of quality aircraft anywhere from two place trainers to single and twin turbo props. In 2021 LifeStyle started the turbine focused group.  Jet or piston, we regularly take trades from our customers to help them effect an easy sale and counsel clients on the tax advantages of aircraft ownership. If you want to sell your aircraft you should let us know and we can put the power of the entire network to work for you.


  • Why should I consider working with you?
    On a personal level, I commit to working with my clients as a trusted counselor through a structured professional process that is designed to help them meet their aviation goals and objectives and acquire the plane that is right for them in the most economical way, in the least amount of time.  On a corporate level, we train each of our counselors to use this approach and focus on developing trust as the foundation for helping our customers. We deal only in the finest new and used airplanes. We know that if help clients make a good decision now, they will come back to us to buy their next airplane. And if we do not have the right plane for a client in our inventory, then we will find it for them. Our goal is not to “sell an airplane,” but to help clients buy and achieve their aviation lifestyle goal.


  • How much will it cost?
    First, there are no fees for the advice and experience we provide through our “buying process”. We do of course make a margin on the new and used aircraft we sell to support our marketing and service efforts. If clients choose to use our brokerage marketing services we will earn an “industry standard” fixed percentage for the sale which will be reduced by 1% if they are also purchasing a new aircraft from us. We will review all financial details upfront and in detail so there are no surprises. Commission paid in many cases is shared with agents and referral sources that help through the network. Many clients benefit from using LifeStyle as their “Acquisition or Buyer’s Agent”. This approach is highly recommended when buying aircraft at higher value and complexity that maybe the client has not had experience with before.


  • How will we work together?
    I’m a little different than your typical aircraft salesman. I value your time and mine. I have a method and a process that can help us identify your ideal aircraft and help you achieve your dreams and business objectives. I’ll ask you to engage in a process on a step by step basis. You’ll be in charge each step of the way. If you like what is recommended we go to the next step. If you don’t we don’t. No tactics or pressure…just an honest counselor approach to helping you achieve your objectives. I expect that we will make an agreement for each step and I’ll expect you to keep your agreements and you’ll expect me to keep mine. Simple. Straightforward and upfront.

    If you have not already gone through the initial “discovery process” with me, I invite you to jot me an email and let me know when we could meet over the phone for 30 minutes to get started.Please understand that the vast majority of the folks I work with are not currently in the market. This process is designed to help buyers go from the current situation to the desired situation on the time line that makes sense for them. If you are currently an aircraft owner, we should definitely talk so that I can place the information about your aircraft in my system and contact you if I have someone looking for that type aircraft in the future which could offer you additional options.I look forward to an opportunity to work with you.