Video: DA42-VI…The Making of a Star

In May 2013 LifeStyle Aviation imported the first Diamond DA42-VI sold to the US. From the birthing of the aircraft in Austria, including the European Delivery Experience for the new owners Sue and Dave Passmore, to the ferry flight to the London Ontario plant for equipment additions, this plane was destined to be a star when it arrived in the US.

To cement this particular aircraft into the wall of fame, John Armstrong, President of LifeStyle Aviation, arranged for the plane to be featured as the front cover story in AOPA Pilot Magazine for the Oshkosh 2013 issue. Though the DA42 has been on the market for some time and many folks think they know the plane, this new enhanced version is truly amazing.

Upon arrive of the plane into the United State Armstrong coordinated with Dave and Sue Passmore, the planes new owners, to conduct the aircraft flight review and air to air photo shoot with the professional team from AOPA in Frederick Maryland including Ian Twombly, Editor and Writer, Mark Evans as photo platform pilot and Mike Fizer AOPA Staff Photographer. The following video was shot as a behind the scenes sneak preview of this all new version of the aircraft and the amazing work of these media professionals.

All images were shot using only an iPhone 5 and are not professional quality. When the story hits the news stands you will see some of the most impressive professional images you’ve ever seen. Make sure to be on the lookout for your copy of AOPA Pilot for this special story. We hope you enjoy this preview teaser and the view from behind the scenes.


DA42-VI from John Armstrong on Vimeo.

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Video: DA42-VI…The Making of a Star
LifeStyle Aviation May 19, 2013
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