The Story of LifeStyle Aviation

Why do we fly Diamond Aircraft?

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John Armstrong was a pilot long before glass panels and 'computerized aircraft' were a part of the aviation industry. 

Jon Gutekunst had a history of flying steam gauge military aircraft. 

Sharon Raub began her aviation career in 50-year-old flight school planes. 

And Sam Linton grew up in Alaska where bush flying was his way of life.

So how did all of these paths converge on ONE mission with a SINGULAR goal -- to transform the aviation industry by partnering with the most innovative manufacturer in General Aviation, Diamond Aircraft

Watch the video to learn more about the history of LifeStyle Aviation and their partnership with Diamond Aircraft --- the manufacturer who introduced the DA40, a modern, safe single-engine platform; the manufacturer who was the launch customer for the Garmin G1000; and the manufacturer who shook general aviation to the core by debuting Jet-A-burning, FADEC-controlled airplanes.



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The Story of LifeStyle Aviation
LifeStyle Aviation September 9, 2022
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