Sun N Fun Demo Flights

Sun n Fun Demo Flights A Hit!

Everyone LOVED the super-smooth Jet-A burning singles and twins from Diamond. Thanks to you all who came out to fly. An extra special Thanks and Congratulations to those that ordered their new aircraft!

Sun n Fun Demo Flights A Hit! The 7 place DA62 in red was loved by all. Everyone was amazed by the capabilities of the DA42-VI to carry 4 full-size adults and go long distances. LifeStyle launched the All New jet fuel burning DiamondShare DA40 NG at the event along with announcing four New locations for the DiamondShare DA40 NG (Raleigh/Durham NC, Leesburg VA, Boca Raton FL, and Syracuse NY).  A special thanks to Steve Pope of Flying Magazine for coming out to do a front cover feature story on the all-new DA40 NG. We look forward to the article in your summer issue.

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Come to Us for A Personalized Flight Experience

Are you trying to decide which plane is right for you? We invite you to come visit us and enjoy a personalized deluxe flight experience day to learn about these amazing aircraft. You’ll walk away knowing for certain if the Diamond you flew is right for you.

LifeStyle Aviation has the following demonstrators available:

DA62 – The amazing 7-place fast ultra-efficient “SUV” of the skies
DA42-VI – The fast all weather 4 place “sports car” of the skies
DA40 NG – The amazing super smooth turbocharged 150-knot Jet-A burning personal aircraft
DA40 – Multiple models for our clients interested in our used aircraft

Call LifeStyle Sales at 406-FLY-1NOW / 406-359-1669.

Sun N Fun Demo Flights
LifeStyle Aviation April 16, 2018
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