New York City Area Special Briefing Event

DA40 and DA42 Flying

We are growing in the New York City area and want to share new opportunities for you to access, fly and acquire modern “LifeStyle” aircraft.

Are you tired of paying overpriced rental rates for modern aircraft or putting up with old tired rental planes? Do you dream of flying nice planes for economical arrangements with flexible access for overnight and weekend travel? Could you use a tax deduction or need  the convenience of private air travel for business or pleasure? 

You are invited to a Special Briefing that will reveal unique opportunities to address all of these needs and desires.

If you are looking for mobility or to expand your flying, gain access to modern aircraft, learn to fly or find out the “secrets” to economical aircraft ownership, then this meeting is a must attend for you.

All are welcome – From non-pilots looking for travel convenience to private pilots looking to grow their potential all the way to commerical airline pilots.

You Are Invited to…

A Special Briefing Regarding New York City Area Aircraft Access and Ownership Opportunities entitled:

Aircraft Ownership, Membership, Rental or Leaseback  –  Which is “Right” for You?

When:  Thursday July 9th at 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Renaissance Westchester Hotel
80 W. Red Oak Lane
West Harrison, NY 1060

More Details:This event is sponsored by  Take Flight Aviation LLC your  LifeStyle Aviaiton Network Partner in the New York City area.  During this meeting we will cover all of these specific aircraft, topics and special opportunities below. . Aircraft Briefing Segment Will Include: DA20 with Steam Gauges and Glass Diamond DA40 XLT and All New  Jet-Fuel Burning Turbo DA40 NG Diamond DA42-VI Jet-Fuel Burning Turbo Twin Speedster NEW Diamond DA62 Jet-Fuel Burning Turbo Twin “Minivan of the Sky” Wide Range of Aircraft From trainers to Turbines .This briefing will also educate you on unique ownership and access options and help you find the one that works for you. . OwnerShip and Aircraft Access Solutions Immediate Limited Leaseback Opportunities in the area offering Tax Advantages and Income DiamondShare Ownership and DiamondShare Membership opportunities Individual Aircraft Ownership and Partnerships options on a  wide range of aircraft.. No Pressure. No Bull. Good Information. Real Opportunities.

DiamondShare Opportunity

New York City Area Special Briefing Event
LifeStyle Aviation July 9, 2015
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