NEW VIDEO: The Story of the Diamond DA50

Diamond Aircraft has done it again! Our team is honored to have a part in telling the story of this incredible new airplane – the Diamond DA50 RG.

You don’t want to miss this amazing NEW video:


This educational & entertaining documentary-style video is for pilots & potential owners who are curious to discover both the origins of the DA50 RG and how/why Diamond Aircraft holds the world’s best safety record.

Like a Marvel hero, the DA50 RG recently emerged as the ultimate aircraft for pilots and their passengers: the most spacious, jet-fuel efficient, luxurious, modern, FADEC single-engine piston aircraft in the world.

Decades ago, Diamond Aircraft challenged its team of engineers to set out to design and build the safest aircraft in the world. By exploring the pioneering safety concepts of automobiles and secrets of glider aerodynamics, they believed they were on the right track. But soon they discovered, while safety was still the priority, the DA50 RG aircraft had to deliver on all levels to also emerge as the world’s most spacious, modern, luxurious, eco-friendly aircraft.

This video takes you on a journey back to the origins of this exciting ‘Luxury SUV of the Air’. Step inside the factory, immerse in the rich history of Diamond Aircraft, learn how the aircraft designer’s university thesis played a role with the DA50, see original hand sketches of the DA50, hear about the challenging premium class 5-seat modern design, meet the people of Diamond Aircraft, hear from a DA50 RG owner and pilots and why they selected this airplane to fly around the world, explore the Continental Aerospace factory, get up close with Garmin and its latest technology in the DA50, learn about the Top 10 Safety Features of Diamond Aircraft, and explore why the DA50 RG is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly, most spacious, comfortable, customizable, and luxurious interiors in its class.

The Diamond DA50 RG takes modern general aviation to another level with the twin turbo charged FADEC Jet-fueled 300HP Continental CD-300 Engine and modern avionics of the Garmin G1000 NXi. Featuring the Black Knight and many other customized DA50 RG aircraft, this video experience will help you make an informed decision about your next steps. Dreams come true with Diamond Aircraft. 

The Diamond DA50 RG is available for order and delivery at LifeStyle Aviation.

NEW VIDEO: The Story of the Diamond DA50
LifeStyle Aviation April 2, 2022
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