NEW Garmin G1000 NXi Introduced

Comments from LifeStyle Aviation’s Founder, John Armstrong:

John ArmstrongWhat it must be like to be an Aviation Writer I wonder. Like my friend Steve Pope, edior of FLYING magazine. In one moment he is racing through the sky in the amazing Diamond DA62 before introduction and the next experiencing before anyone else the wonders of Garmin’s new G1000 NXi next generation panel. Truely on the leading edge of aviation advancement these guys are. It must be hard to not wear out ones vocabulary of adjectives describing all the amazing new technology. Consider all the years where they had to make magzine covers with very little truely new to write about. Well fortunately, these days they have a lot of real advancements to write about. There is no better poster-child of modern aviation advancment than the Diamond DA62.  Its an all new “Chevy Suburban” of the skies made of “formula one racing car” type carbon fiber technology with fully electronically controled Jet-A piston engines that flies easier than a single and burns less too! Now Diamond is adding the latest Garmin G1000 next generation panel called G1000 NXi.  Never before have we had such remarkable flying machines for private personal use.  Here at LifeStyle Aviation we are bullish about the value and potential these modern marvels have to change lives and create new potentials for safe, comfortable, green and economical personal transport. Welcome to the future!

Diamond Aircraft introduces new Garmin G1000 NXi Flight Deck in DA62 and DA42-VI / DA42 NG

Diamond Aircraft Industries introduces the next generation Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight deck to its piston product line, including the twin-engine DA62 and DA42-VI/DA42 NG and the single-engine DA40 NG.“We are excited to present the all-new Garmin G1000 NXi to our state-of-the art piston aircraft.In 2001, we were the first OEM to commit to Garmin’s then top-secret fully integrated G1000, selected as an integral key part of the DA42 TWINSTAR and we are happy to offer our customers the latest in avionics yet again,” says Christian Dries, CEO and Owner Diamond Aircraft Austria.Garmin NXi uses the same basic user interface of the G1000 boasting a number of big improvements further reducing pilot workload and enhancing the flight experience. Read the full Diamond Aircraft Announcement

Want to learn more about the Garmin G1000 NXi Next Generation Integrated Flight Deck?  Below is more information from Garmin:

Boasting a modernized flight display design with significant performance enhancements, the G1000 NXi incorporates innovative capabilities into a state-of-the-art avionics platform. Features such as wireless cockpit connectivity, including wireless database updates using Garmin Flight Stream, enhanced situational awareness with SurfaceWatch, visual approaches, map overlay on the HSI and more, are all available with the G1000 NXi. Deliveries are expected to begin in February as the Federal Aviation Administration has granted Supplemental Type Certification approval for the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck in the King Air 200 and expects approval for the King Air 300/350 aircraft models within the coming weeks.

G1000 NXi on the surface: physical enhancements and display advancements

The G1000 NXi system incorporates modern processing power that supports faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays. Saving valuable time in the cockpit, the displays initialize within seconds after start-up, providing immediate access to frequencies, flight plan data and more. The G1000 NXi system also incorporates contemporary animations, modernized design for improved readability and new LED back-lighting, offering increased display brightness and clarity, reduced power consumption, as well as improved dimming performance.

G1000 NXi for the next generation

Connext wireless cockpit connectivity unlocks more capabilities from within the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck. Available as an option, Flight Stream 510 enables Database Concierge, the wireless transfer of aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot app on a mobile device to the G1000 NXi system. In addition to Database Concierge, Flight Stream 510 supports two-way flight plan transfer, the sharing of traffic, weather, GPS information, back-up attitude information and more, between the G1000 NXi and compatible mobile devices running Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight mobile. The D2 Bravo and D2 Bravo Titanium aviator watches also sync with the Garmin Pilot app to ensure flight plan data matches throughout the cockpit.

Visual approaches integrated within the G1000 NXi system offer pilots safety-enhancing guidance during visual flight conditions based on a three-degree glideslope from the threshold of the runway. Pilots can select the runway for which they have been cleared to land, set customized minimums, select vectors or straight-in for the final approach intercept and fly a visual approach coupled with the autopilot. By utilizing visual approaches within the G1000 NXi, pilots are provided a more stable and precise flight path throughout the approach and landing phases of flight in visual conditions.

Geographical map overlay within the HSI is available on the primary flight display, which also supports the display of NEXRAD, FIS-B weather, weather radar, SafeTaxi airport diagrams, traffic, terrain and more. For example, pilots can display SafeTaxi on the HSI map while preparing flight plan information on the multi-function display or simultaneously display NEXRAD radar and traffic on the HSI map and view a variety of other SiriusXM aviation weather products on the MFD such as lightning, storm cells and more.

Aiding in situational awareness, optional SurfaceWatch runway monitoring technology provides visual and aural cues to help prevent pilots from taking off and landing on a taxiway, on a runway that is too short or on the wrong runway based on performance data entered during preflight. Visual and audible runway distance remaining annunciations are also available, which provides aural callouts beginning at 5,000 feet through 500 feet.

Equipped to meet future airspace modernization initiatives, G1000 NXi equipped-aircraft are rule-compliant with FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency ADS-B requirements. The G1000 NXi also supports the display of various ADS-B In benefits, including traffic and subscription-free weather. Flight Information Service-Broadcast weather products include: NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds and temperatures aloft, NOTAMs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. Exclusive traffic features such as Garmin’s patented TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic further enhance the traffic picture. TargetTrend provides pilots with a more intuitive method of judging target trajectories and closure rates, while TerminalTraffic displays a comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles throughout the airport environment. These ADS-B In benefits combine to give pilots superior situational awareness tools throughout the terminal and enroute environments.

Diamond DA62 control panel

The G1000 NXi integrated flight deck also supports additional features:

  • Advanced Doppler weather radar capabilities, including ground clutter suppression and turbulence detection as options.
  • COMM frequency identification displays the station ID, as well as frequency type.
  • Display of sectional charts, as well as IFR low/high enroute charts on the MFD.
  • NEXRAD weather radar imagery can be overlaid on the moving map and animated on the MFD, as well as the HSI map.
  • Vertical Situation Display (VSD) incorporates terrain profile view on the MFD, taking into consideration the active flight plan, altitude constraints and winds aloft.
  • Pilots can preview departure and arrival procedures on the MFD prior to loading and activating the procedures.
  • Pilots can optionally overlay European Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) on the moving map, as VRPs are standard within the navigation database.
  • Three-color terrain shading incorporates green, yellow and red contouring, which depicts the aircraft is 2,000, 1,000 and 100 feet above ground level (AGL) respectively.
  • Aircraft maintenance personnel experience faster system software upgrades and streamlined equipment replacement.

Simple path to upgrade or transition from G1000 to G1000 NXi for King Air aircraft

For new installations, the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck is estimated to provide a weight savings of 250 pounds or more in King Air aircraft, allowing additional baggage, passenger and/or fuel load flexibility. New G1000 NXi installations also utilize a new, fully integrated and lightweight air data and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS), streamlining the upgrade process. King Air owners and operators with an existing G1000 integrated flight deck can easily upgrade to the G1000 NXi with minimal aircraft down time and disruption of the panel as the displays preserve the same footprint and connector so panel modifications are not required.

The FAA has granted STC approval for the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck in the King Air 200 series aircraft and approval for the King Air 300/350 is expected within the coming weeks, which will be available in February. 

Read full Garmin Announcement 

NEW Garmin G1000 NXi Introduced
LifeStyle Aviation February 2, 2017
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