New DA62 Video Series Available!

Have you ever wanted to sit down and watch as much info as possible on your favorite topic? Then you’ll be excited to know that LifeStyle Aviation is beginning a BRAND NEW Youtube video series all about the Diamond DA62!

Diamond DA62 Video Series

That’s right, we’re creating an entire SERIES dedicated to answering all your questions about this amazing aircraft!

The videos will cover topics such as:

DA62 Safety, DA62 Engines, DA62 Avionics, DA62 Maintenance, Twin Engine vs Single Engine…and more!

Follow the journey from Picking up our DA62 at the Diamond FactoryFlying the DA62 to Oshkosh, and more exciting content!


Check Out our DA62 TRAILER Short Video Below:


See More Videos Here:

LifeStyle Aviation DA62 Video Series

New DA62 Video Series Available!
LifeStyle Aviation December 12, 2019
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