LifeStyle Network Hosts June Learn To Fly Events

June is Learn to Fly Month!

That’s right, June was designated by Congress years ago as National Learn to Fly Month and so our network of flight centers is carrying on the tradition.

The LifeStyle Aviation Network is hosting Learn To Fly Events during the month of June at many locations on the East Coast. Some flight centers are hosting full open house events and others are having evening seminars inviting the public to come and learn about what’s involved in learning to fly and what are the benefits and advantages.

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This is a perfect time and a great reason for people to head out to the airport and learn about the amazing potential of learning to fly. Many people have dreamed for years of what it would be like to take to the skies. Well if that’s you then its time to turn dreams into realities and enjoy flying yourself with friends and family to amazing destinations.

These days people are able to use modern aircraft almost like Google self-driving cars.  They are able to avoid the long security lines and hassles related to airlines and arrive rested to their destinations in about 1/3rd the time it takes to drive.

“We are on a mission to help people gain a new level of freedom and mobility through safe modern aircraft.”  said John Armstrong, CEO and Founder of the LifeStyle Aviation Network. “Most people don’t fully understand the potential private modern flight has to create a new lifestyle or what the technology of modern aircraft provides to make it so easy and enjoyable.

Not your Granddads plane.

Our modern planes are not your Dad’s or Granddad’s old plane.  They are modern marvels that incorporate all the latest technology to make flying and travel – Fun, Easy and Enjoyable.  Most people just don’t know that we travel effortlessly using digital satellite based technology safely in comfort completely avoiding the hassles of typical airline travel or snarls of highway traffic.

What makes the LifeStyle Aviation Network unique is they all have modern aircraft incorporated into their training and offer access to modern training tools such as simulators and online learning systems. We are delighted to offer people the opportunity to come out and see what modern training and aircraft are all about and how they can become a pilot and enjoy a ‘modern magic carpet’ and the potential it brings.”

LifeStyle Network Partner June Learn To Fly Events

Frederick MD

Raleigh NC

Roanoke VA

White Plains NY

Norfolk VA

Concord NC

Manassas VA

Harrisburg PA

Lexington KY

Southern NJ / Philadelphia

G1000 SVTLifeStyle Aviation Network Partners are unique group of flight training centers on the east coast that collaborate together to raise the awareness of flying and the potential flight training can have to impact the world.  The group is actively promoting June as the “Learn to Fly Month” and they are having events and meetings all during the month at many Partner Locations to provide the public access to learn about modern flying.

The LifeStyle Aviation Network is a collaborative group of flight centers on the East Coast offering modern flight training methods in modern aircraft. LifeStyle Network Partners are companies that help people discover the potential of modern flight, train them to be pilots and then show them how to economically access modern aircraft through innovative ownership, lease and membership programs the group offers. LifeStyle Aviation’s program is unique and offers economical ownership and flexible membership options.

LifeStyle Network Hosts June Learn To Fly Events
LifeStyle Aviation August 23, 2016
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