LifeStyle Aviation Network Plans Growth,  Recognizes Achievement

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners Group Shot with Planes

Raleigh, NC (March 12th, 2015) – While most flight centers were battling snow, a group of progressive-minded flight center owners met to plan for growth. The visionary group met to continue development of a unique flight center network model that is transforming the way people access modern aviation, learn to fly, and achieve their aviation goals. 

The group, known as the LifeStyle Aviation Network – Flight Center Council, collaborates to enhance access to modern aviation and the experience people have coming into the industry to learn to fly. The council members, who participate as Network Partners, met at the Raleigh Durham International Airport (KRDU) for two days to discuss development topics. They covered access to leaseback programs, unique share programs, modern aircraft including new Jet fuel burning pistons, modern training methods and tools along with business best practices. 

The Network Council founded in late 2012 and has grown to over 20 flight centers focused on bringing modern flight training aircraft and aviation lifestyle opportunities to the world. 

“The aviation industry has transformed dramatically over time” states John Armstrong, CEO of LifeStyle Aviation. “Aircraft manufacturers used to have large marketing budgets to drive programs and orchestrate the retail experience. Those days have waned so we’ve created a new marketing structure that recognizes the flight center as the front lines of the industry and provides a turn-key way to grow flight center businesses and provide clients broad access to modern training, modern aircraft and attractive ownership programs.”

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners Group Shot with certificate 2015

The LifeStyle Network development process helps flight centers transition in steps to modern aircraft and advance business success. Flight centers can start with what they have and leverage the program to reach their development goals without investing in new aircraft themselves.  Step one helps flight center visualize their development goals, obtain modern aircraft for their flight lines and take advantage of modern training methods and technologies. Special Leaseback programs and marketing support is included. Though the LifeStyle Network brings many aircraft types to the table, the flight centers primarily leverage Diamond Aircraft due to their popular modern appeal and flight center productivity on the flight line. 

Step two focuses on best business practices. The group leverages their combined experience to help network partners grow and progress. This is a very popular part of participation Armstrong reports that is one part experience and one part encouragement among principals. 

Step three integrates aircraft sales, brokerage and share programs into the flight centers’ offerings aimed at helping more pilots access modern aircraft. Each flight center is considered a “Dream Center” to help new clients achieve their aviation dreams. The broad selection of aircraft available through the LifeStyle Aviation Network plus the innovative DiamondShare programs have helped Flight Centers deliver the “Aviation LifeStyle” to their clients and enjoy business growth. 

Each year the LifeStyle Aviation Network recognizes achievement and outstanding performance among the flight centers. The Outstanding Achievement Award for 2014 was presented to Blue Line Aviation LLC operating at the Raleigh Durham International Airport and the Johnson County Airport in Smithfield NC. Owners Trey and Kelsey Walters started Blue Line Aviation LLC in 2012 at the Raleigh Durham Airport with two old Cessnas. By leveraging the LifeStyle Network Development concepts and a lot of hard work they grew to two locations and 10 total aircraft including four DA40’s (two with Air Conditioning) and four DA20’s.

Blue Line Aviation LLC receiving Outstanding Achievement Award

Blue Line Aviation LLC receiving Outstanding Achievement Award. Order Left to Right: John Armstrong, Trey Walters, Kelsey Walters, Alexandra Grady, Mike Malnoske 

“We are proud to recognize the Blue Line Aviation team for their truly outstanding achievement. They have worked hard and accomplished much. They have completely transformed access to modern aviation in their market and made a significant impact in a very short period of time” stated Armstrong. 

Kane Aviation LLC of Salem VA was recognized for Outstanding Loyalty and Dedication having invested over the years in an entire fleet of aircraft including a Baron, two DA20’s, two DA40’s and a DA42 for their Network Flight Center Partner SML Aviation operating at Roanoke and Lynchburg Virginia. 

Randy Fleming of Alpha One in Salisbury and Concord North Carolina was recognized for Perseverance and Courage. 

The newest Partner to join the group is Take Flight Aviation of Orange NY.  Take Flight is working with

LifeStyle Aviation to expand network coverage in the New York City Metro Area by offering modern flight training and aircraft access. 

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners in attendance included:

Randy Fleming – Alpha One Air Service; Salisbury and Concord NC

Leigh Anne Holman – AlphaOne Air Service

Frank and Barbara Hicinbothem – Freeflight Aviation; Medford, NJ

Brant Howell – SML Aviation; Lynchburg and Roanoke, VA

Danny Kane – Kane Aviation; Salem, VA

Glen Lawler – SouthTec Aviation; Salisbury, NC

Ryan Mayo – Take Flight Aviation; Orange NY

Teen Rawls – Dillon’s Aviation; Greenville, NC

Trey and Kelsey Walters – Blue Line Aviation; Raleigh and Smithfield NC

Alexandra Grady – Blue Line Aviation

Mike Malnoske – Blue Line Aviation

James Pacelli – Blue Line Aviation

John and Mary-Margaret Armstrong – LifeStyle Aviation

Dick Filbey – LifeStyle Aviation

Dave and Sue Passmore – LifeStyle Aviation

Caroline Coltrane – LifeStyle Aviation

Other Network Partners not attending are not listed 

Lifestyle Aviation ( is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, aircraft brokers, affiliates and international partners to create a productive, pooled source for buying and selling modern aircraft, learning to fly, accessing shared ownership programs and transitioning from entry level aircraft into advance high performance planes. LifeStyle Aviation offers a wide range of quality, modern aircraft from Diamond, Piper, Mooney, Cessna, Cirrus and more.  LifeStyle Aviation (previously known as Dominion Aircraft Sales) is a leading Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC) that offers new DA20 trainers, popular DA40 gas and Jet Fuel burning aircraft plus the Jet Fuel burning DA42 and the new seven place DA62 twin. LifeStyle Aviation coordinates the ongoing development of the LifeStyle Aviation Network and its Partner Flight Centers. LifeStyle Aviation is also the creator of the unique DiamondShare program ( that provides attractive shared access to modern aircraft.

LifeStyle Aviation Network Plans Growth,  Recognizes Achievement
LifeStyle Aviation March 13, 2015
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