LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners Receive Top AOPA Awards

AOPALifeStyle Aviation Network Partners receive AOPA awards!

Including the Top President’s Choice Award!

Take Flight receives AOPA Award

Take Flight Aviation winning the AOPA President’s Choice Award

AOPA announced the the winners of their Flight Excellence Awards on Oct. 25, 2016 and no surprise that multiple LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners won awards!


AOPA’s Flight Training Excellence Awards are based on AOPA’s Flight Training Excellence poll.  The poll is used to measure the performance of flight schools and instructors based on educational quality, customer focus, community, and information sharing.  Factors that in combination create an optimal flight training experience. 

Take Flight AviationLifeStyle Aviation Network Partner, Take Flight Aviation was this year’s AOPA President’s Choice Award winner!  Take Flight was selected by AOPA President Mark Baker for their significant and innovative contributions to the flight training community.

Take Flight joined as a LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner in 2015 and aggressively began a long term transformation into a “Modern Minded” flight training center. They took advantage of all the marketing and promotional opportunities that LifeStyle offers by first installing several Diamond DA20’s and DA40’s as their initial entry into modernizing their fleet of Piper Aircraft. Energized by the

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60 Flight Schools were recognized as being the ‘Flight School Honor Roll.’

These LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners were recognized and honored as recipients of the AOPA Honor Roll Award.

AOPA Awards Honor Roll

Blue Line Aviation LLC Blue Line Aviation

Blue Line Aviation, LLC (JNX, Johnston Regional Airport, NC)

Blue Line Aviation, LLC (RDU, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, NC)

Blue Line Aviation join as a LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner in 2013 and has been a top performer gaining recognition regionally and nationally every year. They have been a rocket ship of growth and have worked with LifeStyle Aviation to grow a fleet of quality modern aircraft to their two locations in central North Carolina. They have a fleet of DA20’s, DA40’s including multiple air conditioned DA40’s plus now a DA42 and have even added two helicopters. Blue Line under the leadership of founder Trey Walters has built a great team and they are delivering high quality maintenance services and training including intensive programs for Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, CFI and Rotor. Students come from all over the country to obtain ratings at Blue Line due to the tremendous track record of their intensive training programs. Blue Line has two locations – Raleigh Durham International Airport KRDU and KJNX – Johnston Regional Airport.

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AOPA Awards Honor Roll

Gateway Aviation, Inc.

Gateway Aviation, Inc.Gateway Aviation (XLL, Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport, PA)

Read the full AOPA Article about the 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards

Gateway Aviation has been a LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner for over 4 years. Based in Allentown PA they are a long standing flight training organization that has specialized in high volume flight training for commercial bound students. They have for years managed a community college program while also service the needs of their community. They offer modern Diamond Aircraft along with modern simulation. Gateway also offers Part 135 Charter operations, multi-engine training, maintenance and more. Gateway has been a promoter of the DiamondShare program and has helped local pilots gain access to modern aircraft. Brad Snyder the owner of Gateway is a wealth of knowledge and accomplishments in the aviation field and is responsible for hundreds of pilots being successful in their aviation pursuits.

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners Receive Top AOPA Awards
LifeStyle Aviation October 27, 2016
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