Join Us at the Manassas Airshow and Open House May 2, 2015

Manassas Airshow 2015Manassas Airshow and Open House on Saturday May 2, 2015.


Come meet some of the LifeStyle Aviation team at the Manassas Airshow and Open House on May 2, 2015 from 10am – 4pm at Manassas Regional Airport KHEF.  We will be there in support of and partnership with our LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner and Diamond Flight Center,  American Aviation. 

American Aviation and their sister company American Helicopters are leaders in our Flight Center Council group.  Based at KHEF, American Aviation offers the Washington DC area access to modern aviation technology with a full line of Diamond Aircrafts.  They have a professional staff of outstanding management and instructors. 

Its a fun free event not to be missed with aerobatic performances, tons of activities, food, and planes on display.

The entertainment includes:

Aircraft Displays:
The Breitling Aerobatic Team
WWII Commemorative Air Force Bombers including the B-17, Texas Raider!
American Aviation
American Helicopters
Virginia Airborne Search and Rescue Squad
Aviation Adventures
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
Flying Circus Airplanes
L-39 Gurardi
Dulles Aviation
B-25 Ponchito 

Click here for more information about the Manassas Airshow; for more information about Manassas Regional Airport.

Click here to Learn more about American Aviation and the LifeStyle Aviation’s Network Council, a group of progressive-minded flight center owners who meet to plan for growth and continue the development of a unique flight center network model that is transforming the way people access modern aviation, learn to fly, and achieve their aviation goals.

Join Us at the Manassas Airshow and Open House May 2, 2015
LifeStyle Aviation April 23, 2015
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