General Aviation News Article: Beechcraft G58 vs. Diamond DA62

General Aviation NewsBeechcraft G58 vs. Diamond DA62

August 31, 2016 General Aviation New Article by Ben Sclair

I earned my multi-engine rating in a 1973 Beechcraft Baron E55 and flew a few hundred hours in it. For that reason, if I see a Baron G58 on a ramp – or at a fly-in – I have to go look.

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for that particular line of twins. The room, comfort and look all appeal to me. That’s what makes having so many options in general aviation so cool. It is hard to find an aircraft that doesn’t fit your personal preference.

And when I look at Diamond’s DA62, I’m more than intrigued. I’ve yet had the opportunity to go for a flight, but much about the design is appealing. The 1,004-pound full fuel payload and the 9 gph max endurance cruise fuel burn cause me to tilt my held like a curious puppy. One of the G58’s IO-550-Bs using lean-of-peak procedures will get close to 9 gph, but you still have to feed the other -550.

Oh, and Jet-A – which is what you’ll fill the DA62 with – is cheaper most everywhere you’ll fly.

Length29 ft 10 in30 ft 1 in
Height9 ft 9 in9 ft 3 in
Wingspan37 ft 10 in47 ft 10 in
Height50 in
Width42 in
Max Occupancy67
Max Takeoff Weight5,550 lbs5,071 lbs
Empty Weight4,030 lbs3,461 lbs
Useful Load1,494 lbs1,609 lbs
Usable Fuel194 gal89 gal
Full Fuel Payload330 lbs1,004 lbs
Max Cruise Speed202 ktas192 ktas
Stall Speed73 kcas64 kias (full flaps)
Max Range1,480 nm1,245 nm
EngineCont. TSIO-550-C (2)Austro AE330 (2)
Horsepower300 (2)180 (2)

If you’re in the market for a twin… which intrigues you more?

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General Aviation News Article: Beechcraft G58 vs. Diamond DA62
LifeStyle Aviation September 6, 2016
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