Garmin Enhances G1000 Functionality

Diamond DA40 G1000

Garmin Enhances G1000 Functionality

Flying the .23 G1000 Software Update

For those Diamond DA40 flyers with XLS or XLT level aircraft or prior units that have the system wide WAAS upgrade the latest .23 G1000 software upgrade is available to you.

Unlike all prior software updates this one does not support all planes. This leads us to believe that maybe .22 will be the last update for our non-waas G1000 units.

The functions offered with .23 are notable and can be quite helpful.

Profile viewGarmin G1000

Once we get to altitude it is always my habit to fiddle with the weather until I find the ideal altitude for winds for the trip. Now with  .23 we have the Profile View which makes it even more effective to find that ideal altitude. I expect everyone would appreciate this new feature.


This is a very helpful feature. Each month when you update your onboard data cards you now have in the pilot Pak the ability to download the AOPA database of all airport info including everything available…even gas prices, contact numbers for rental cars, restaurants and more. Essentially what’s available on an iPad type program is now in the G1000.  Very handy!

Inset View

There is now a full suite of options to turn on in the inset whereas the previous version was more limited.

Garmin G1000Flight Plan Waypoint Weather
A neat new feature is the ability for the Flight Plan screen to display a window of weather at the selected waypoints along the route. Very handy.

Database Sync

This is a great new feature that means you don’t have to copy the data to both cards but only one! This can be a big deal if you have a slow internet connection. 

Full List of Features Added

This software update provides the following for all G1000 equipped Diamond DA 40/DA40F aircraft:

  • MFD Vertical Profile View
  • NAV Database synch capability
  • Standby NAV database capability
  • XM Weather Display Enhancements
  • Added WAAS approach capability for airports with 3-letter identifiers
  • AOPA Airport Directory Support
  • Added Range-To-Altitude Arc on MFD Navigation Map
  • Compatibility with Enhanced Search & Rescue Option
  • Re-establishes use of checklist capability

What does this all mean?
For our clients that are buying to fly IFR we recommend they invest in later model DA40 units with all the features that make these planes so remarkable. The previous year models are good and the newer models are great when it comes to full enjoyment of the latest advancements in aviation technology.

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Link to Garmin Service Bulletin

Garmin Enhances G1000 Functionality
LifeStyle Aviation April 30, 2015
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