Flying Destination: Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains National Park is a unique outdoor treasure on the eastern seaboard that offers a wealth of activities for families and adventurers. The good news is it’s accessible by aircraft with relative ease making it a great flying destination. If you are looking for that unique destination to add to your flying adventure list then you should consider a  visit to the NC mountains.

Possible Activities to Enjoy

  • Hiking to explore summits, valleys waterfalls and more.
  • Scenic mountain biking
  • Boating on Fontana Lake
  • Zip-lining canopy tours and obstacle courses.
  • River rafting, kayaking, and tubing
  • Fly fishing
  • Scenic Train Rides
  • Relaxing with beautiful views
  • Scenic drives, flowers, photos, memory making and more!


Bike at Smokey Mountains Smokey Mountains Creek Smokey Mountains Hiking Smokey Mountains 

How to Get There

Assuming you’ll rent a car upon arrival here are several airport options of accessing the Smoky Mountains area.

Gatlinburg TN (KGKT) – West of the mountain range for easy access

Andrews NC – Western Carolina Regional Airport (KRHP) – South West of Bryson City and the Park and close to the Nantahala Gorge for rafting

Bryson City NC is the small town hub that borders the southern park area. Most everything is within a one hour drive of either landing location.

The area is filled with rental cabins with a broad selection of amenities, location, views, and prices.

If you’d like personalized suggestions, call us at LifeStyle Aviation and we’ll share our experience with you.

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 Smokey Mountains Smokey Mountains

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Flying Destination: Smoky Mountains
LifeStyle Aviation June 21, 2017
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