Diamond Offers Hartzell Polaris Prop as a DA40 NG Option

Hartzell Propeller’s 3-blade carbon fiber Polaris prop is now offered as a factory option on new Diamond DA40 NG four-seaters.

Hartzell Propeller has joined forces with Diamond Aircraft to introduce an innovative upgrade for the Diamond DA40 NG four-seaters. This collaboration has resulted in a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA, paving the way for the replacement of existing Diamond DA40 NG MT wood/composite propellers with cutting-edge 3-bladed lightweight Polaris composite props.

These 74-inch diameter, three-blade ASCII carbon fiber props are designed to enhance performance and are tailored for the Austro Engine E4-A. They feature a lightweight Bantam aluminum hub and boast an impressive 2,400-hour / six-year TBO, all backed by Hartzell's renowned warranty coverage through the first overhaul.

Technical Specs
  • Speed Boost: You'll notice a significant increase of 2 to 3 knots true airspeed (KTAS), making your journeys faster and more efficient with only a slight increase in take off roll performance for the high-end speed profile. 
  • Diameter: This propeller boasts an impressive 74 inches in diameter, ensuring optimal performance for your DA40 NG.
  • Lightweight Design: Featuring a "Bantam" aluminum hub and carbon fiber blades, the POLARIS propeller weighs in at just 33.1 pounds (Prop & Spinner). That's a significant weight reduction compared to its predecessor, the MTV-6-R/190-69 3-blade wood/composite propeller, which weighed 35.0 pounds (Prop & Spinner).

Hartzell's Top Prop conversion kit includes not only the propeller itself but also a choice of a white or metallic silver composite spinner, along with comprehensive STC documentation. This upgrade delivers a host of benefits, including smoother operation, state-of-the-art climb performance improvements, and a cruise speed increase of two to three knots true airspeed (KTAS). Moreover, it's engineered for durability and environmental friendliness, with a noise level of just 74.1 dB.

This remarkable Top Prop conversion kit is available for DA40 NGs equipped with either MÄM 40-434 (Cowling Redesign) or OÄM 40-310 (Exhaust System with Muffler).

For more information on this propeller or to discuss installation options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at LifeStyle Aviation. Your next adventure awaits with the Hartzell POLARIS propeller!


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Diamond Offers Hartzell Polaris Prop as a DA40 NG Option
LifeStyle Aviation September 15, 2023
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