Diamond DA62 Upclose

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John Armstrong here providing you upclose insights into the Diamond DA62 from the Diamond stand at NBAA in Las Vegas.

John Armstrong with DA62

The beautiful DA62 just flew over from Austria for the show has drawn a very large crowd on the first day at the show. I had planned to take a large suite of photos but was overrun with folks to help learn about the plane so I’ll be breaking the reports into sections with more reports this week.

Diamond DA62 Upclose. First the aircraft is simply gorgeous in its proportions and its new color scheme.  

DA62 Interior

The new colors are the result of new resin technology developed by Diamond that was pioneered and developed for the D-Jet. Much work went into its development and certification and the end result is a high ability of the material to handle heat which allows for the darker colors. The materials are cured also at a higher temperature. Keep in mind the DA62 is an all carbon fiber airframe providing ultra strength with light weight.

DA62 Seats

The fit and finish is outstanding. The flush rivets and the precise joins and impressive interiors will sarify the most dicerninf buyers.

The Austro 330 engines are increased horsepower versions of the engines used on the DA42-VI aircraft.

You’ll notice LED lighting systems on the wing tips  provide a lower power consumption lighting solution that takes less weight and improves speed through better aerodynamics.

Diamond DA62 Upclose

The Garmin avionics rack has been moved to the nose on with easy access on the starboard  side. TKS and oxygen systems are also accessed in the nose area. There is room for two sets of golf clubs and another small bag or two as well in the nose cargo areas.

The seating in the front is wide and reminds me of a large Cadillac SUV. The second row seat is a large full three see affair with plenty of leg room. All head set cables connect in the center console areas in classic Diamond fashion and the Air Conditioning and built in oxygen are in the overhead center area.

The standby instruments are mounted in the center and are all electronic now. This reduced the panel height needed and I noticed that as I find people in the plane that even smaller sized pilots were easily able to see over the lower panel height. This is a great advantage in a larger aircraft.

Diamond DA62 Control Panel

Diamond DA62 Upclose

The second row seats fold down providing amble access to the rear two seats. The rear area will be uses for baggage or bodies depending on the mission. The two rear seats fold also making for ideal cargo loading. Those that order the plane with the rear two seats could remove them to maximize cargo potential if desired. We measured the fit of golf clubs and they fit in the width of the cabin in the rear section so the plane would be the ideal two couples 4 golf bags and all your luggage traveling machine. Or for the family with 3 or 4 kids the ideal SUV. Or a pilot and 4 -6 passengers all make perfect missions for this versatile aircraft. The image that comes to mind for me is the cross between a Ferarri a Limo and an SUV.

Diamond DA62 Interior

The gull wing doors are mounted using a dual carbon hinge system front and back. It appears to be well engineered and the operation of the doors was smooth and easy.

The TKS installation were fitted with care and close tolerances. The little touches like flush mounted screws throughout and the tight fit of seals and TKS panels contributes to the performance of the aircraft. The vortex generators on the outboard wing areas provide the classic no spin stall characteristics Diamonds are so well known for.

Diamond DA62 Wing up close

da62 up close
In our next report we will provide more insight into baggage loading, panel configuration, engine operation, useful load, speed and more so stay tuned. 

Diamond DA62 Upclose

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Stay tuned for more reports on the DA62DA40 Tundra and the DA42-VI..

Diamond DA62 Upclose
LifeStyle Aviation November 8, 2015
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