Destinations Provincetown: Flying to Cape Cod in a DA40

DA40 Flying over Cape CodDiamond DA40 to Provincetown 

LifeStyle Aviation loves sharing ways to enjoy the ‘aviation lifestyle.’  Recently, one of our clients  Diamond DA40flew his DA40 to Provincetown.  Provincetown is located at the very tip of Cape Cod and is a wonderful weekend getaway!  Ptown is known for it’s beaches, harbor, and artists.  Downtown Provincetown is a unique town; there are thousands of wonderful food options and a fast-ferry direct to downtown Boston.


KPVC is great little airport and it has approximately 30 tie-downs on the asphalt.  A vast majority of the traffic through the airport is Cape-Air and I did have to be a bit patient when getting gas since there are only a small number of people who do the ramp services. There is a small rental-car service at the airport but I don’t know how many cars they have (it can get busy).  Parking is free and you could easily get a cab in from the airport to Provincetown — it’s only a few minutes away.  Tie down for the day was $10 (there were ropes pre-connected to use) for up to 24h.  The Cross winds into KPVC can be a bit tricky (was 15kts at 90degrees to the runway when I was leaving).  There are no restaurants at the airport but there is a nice little pilots briefing area with computer and free WiFi.  Cell service can be poor at the airport — Foreflight had a hard time getting any data using Verizon.There are many  great activities to enjoy in Provincetown including sightseeing, shopping, boat watching, bike riding, beaching, whale watching and there is even a Trolley to ride. The best part is the low altitude views flying in the area. Priceless!

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Destinations Provincetown: Flying to Cape Cod in a DA40
LifeStyle Aviation September 14, 2015
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