Destinations: Cape May NJ

DA40 Control PanelFlying Destinations: Cape May, NJ

Flying from KRDU, to KWWD in a Diamond DA40


LifeStyle Aviation loves sharing ways to enjoy the freedom of the aviation lifestyle.  Are you looking for a interesting off season beach trip?  With it’s rich history and wealth of victorian buildings, Cape May NJ is a beach town that has a lot to offer both on and off season. 

The entire city of Cape May is a national historic landmark because of its victorian buildings.  But, there is more to Cape May then historic buildings; there are beautiful beaches and a lot of year round activities.  Located at the southern tip of New Jersey, at Cape May’s Sunset beach you can watch the sun rise and sun set over the water. 

Cape May NJ

The Whole city of Cape May is a historic landmark because of its abundance of victorian buildings.its victorian buildings.

KWWD is a nice Airport.  It has car rental on site, a naval air museum, and a nearby Golf Course (only 2 miles away).

DA40 Flying over beach at sunset

Watch the sun rise and set over the water at Sunset Beach

Destinations: Cape May NJ
LifeStyle Aviation October 29, 2015
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