DC to Guadeloupe in a DA40

Flying From DC to Guadeloupe in a Diamond DA40

Contributed by LifeStyle Aviation customer and DA40 owner, Alex Malison 
DC to Guaeloupe Flight Route

Flight Route

Looking for ways to enjoy the aviation lifestyle?  LifeStyle Aviation loves sharing fun destinations and different ways to enjoy the freedom flying provides. Here is one submitted by long time customer and DA40 flyer Alex Malison. Alex is based in the DC area and has flown his DA40 extensively around the country. This trip gives you the full understanding of the capabilities of this aircraft and what’s possible.

The route south is quite easy. Down to Florida and over to the Bahamas. The Bahamas and then on to the Turks provides lots of stops and an endless playground that stretches all the way to the next chain of islands starting with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and then the Virgin Islands. On from there as the island chain starts to head further south you’ll find Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe is a region of France.  The currency is the Euro and the language is french.  It consists of a large chain of islands;  The two main islands are Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre.  Grande-Terre has beach towns while Basse-Terre is mountainous and contains Guadeloupe National Park and La Soufrière volcano.

With it’s diverse culture and island beauty it is a wonderful flying destination and the best part is ever stop along the way is paradise too! The pictures included are amazing! Enjoy. We hope this inspires you to  go plan your next flying adventure.

DC to Guadeloupe in a DA40
LifeStyle Aviation November 2, 2016
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