DA62 DiamondShare Now Available!

DA62 DiamondShare Now Available! DiamondShare program expands to include the new Diamond DA62DA40 NG and DA42-VI modern aircraft.

Diamond DA62 flying

Diamond DA62

The all New Diamond DA62  jet-fuel burning twin has been featured recently on most of the aviation magazine front covers and represents a truly remarkable leap forward in cabin size, luxury, performance, and economy. The plane has 7 seats, burns less than most high performance single engine aircraft and half as much as most twins while cruising at over 200 MPH. The DA62 provides the US market an “SUV-Sized” aircraft for business and pleasure that creates a new standard for technology, utility and economy.


LifeStyle sells new and used modern aircraft and designed their DiamondShare Program (DiamondShare.com) as another option to provide buyers compelling ownership economics to help justify the aircraft they desire.

“We have found that helping buyers find the ‘right ownership structure’ to justify their aircraft economics is very important.” Stated John Armstrong, founder and CEO of LifeStyle Aviation and creator of the DiamondShare Program. “People realize that planes need to fly more than maybe they plan to use them and parking their money in an underutilized asset may not be the ideal investment. Buyers appreciate the way the DiamondShare program gives them full control while leveraging additional usage by a few select members.”

Diamond DA62 control panel

The DiamondShare program is a modern aircraft access program that serves both aircraft buyers and users known as “members”, providing each unique advantages. The program was created originally around the Diamond DA40 gas powered 4 place cruiser and has enjoyed success and is expanding across the country and into these additional models.


Diamond DA40 NG

The new DA40 NG Jet Fuel burning, liquid cooled, turbo charged version of the DA40 is now available with a significant weight increase and attractive lower price making it a compelling value in the DiamondShare program. The turbo charged DA40 NG flies higher, faster, burns less, and the fuel costs less than its gasoline cousin. The jet-fuel burning engines on all the Diamonds also enjoy 100 hour oil changes instead of 50 hours and all have the simplicity of single lever FADEC controlled operation with no magnetos or spark plugs to maintain.

“Buyers are realizing the tremendous advantages of these modern Jet-Fuel burning aircraft and when these advantages are combined with the DiamondShare program it create a whole new potential” continued Armstrong, “We are tremendously excited about what the DA62 offers pilots and non-pilots alike. Our new DiamondShare managed services for these aircraft expand the potential of the aviation lifestyle to even more people.”

DA62 Diamondshare

Many Choices

The DA42 and DA62 twins are now available with comprehensive management services through LifeStyle Aviation’s Network Partners in major metro areas. Ownership, lease and equity share options are all now a part of the DiamondShare program options creating the greatest potential for more people to enjoy the aviation lifestyle.

The company reported that all DiamondShare arrangements are turn-key including all aspects of financing, insurance, online scheduling, delivery, training and on-going support.

Gold DA62

With this announcement the company is adding special limited shared equity opportunities for a new DA62 and DA42 aircraft in several metro areas including New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh. Non-equity Membership in the DiamondShare DA40 Program starts at only $1000 a month.

People considering learning to fly, buying an aircraft or just needing to find a more convenient and effective way to travel should contact LifeStyle Aviation to be introduced to all the possibilities of the aircraft, their programs and to connected to a local LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner. 

LifeStyle Aviation

LifeStyle Aviation LogoLifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is in the business of helping people acquire modern aircraft to achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle”. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, aircraft brokers, affiliates and international partners to create a productive, pooled source for buying and selling modern aircraft, learning to fly, accessing shared ownership programs and transitioning from entry level aircraft to advanced high performance planes. The LifeStyle Aviation Network offers a wide range of quality, modern aircraft from Diamond, Piper, Mooney, Cessna, Cirrus and more. (see: LifeStyleAircraft.com)

For nearly a decade LifeStyle Aviation has been a Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC) offering new DA20 trainers, popular DA40 gas and Jet Fuel burning aircraft plus the Jet Fuel burning DA42 and the new seven place DA62 twin. LifeStyle Aviation coordinates the ongoing development of the LifeStyle Aviation Network and its Partner Flight Centers. LifeStyle Aviation is also the creator of the unique DiamondShare program (DiamondShare.com) that provides attractive shared access to modern aircraft allowing people to justify the plane of their dreams and “Make the Dollars Make Sense”.

DA62 DiamondShare Now Available!
LifeStyle Aviation May 11, 2016
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