DA40 NG Highlights

Diamond DA40 NG

The DA40 NG is an amazing aircraft and one that provides so much of what people have asked for as enhancements to the popular DA40 XLT (gas) aircraft.  Its faster, burns less, turbo-charged so it goes higher and all with lower cost fuel, NO spark plugs or magnetos!  With the FADEC controlled engines Hot Starts are a thing of the past! Just imagine never having to worry with starting procedures again! Turn the key and it starts! No more mixture or prop to manage! Select the % power or fuel burn you want with a single lever and enjoy the ride. All this while you cruise along sipping fuel at 20-50% less fuel burn than comparable gas aircraft!

We’ve created a Diamond DA40 NG Benefits presentation that summarizes the features, benefits and fuel savings potential of this amazing aircraft.

Just a few of the key points include

  • Super smooth FADEC Controlled Austro Engines with expanded TBO’s
  • Burns Jet Fuel so its “future proof”
  • Turbo Charged so you can go higher
  • Enhanced Speed, Range and Altitude
  • Expanded TBO with low cost of overhaul and scheduled maintenance
  • Enjoy changing oil every 100 hours instead of 50 or less.
  • No Spark Plugs, Magnetos, Hot Start Procedures, Mixtures Setting, Prop Settings!

Take a look and you’ll want to plan for your next plane to be a Jet-A burning modern magic carpet.

Click here for the full story on the DA40NG Highlights

DA40 NG Highlights
LifeStyle Aviation July 16, 2015
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